The expertise of Dr. Thomas J. Maronick DBA, JD. and related services

Extensive experience as a testifying expert witness

  • Former in-house expert in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Designed and implemented over 300 studies for FTC and litigation clients.
  • Served as marketing and advertising expert in Federal and State Courts since 1997.
  • Testified (deposition/trial) in over 100 cases in past ten years.
  • Represented both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Doctorate in Business Administration (Marketing)
    JD (inactive member of Maryland Bar)
  • Author of “Guidelines of Consumer Research in Litigation, “Guidelines for Internet Surveys,” “Comparing Mall Intercept and Internet Panels for Advertising Research,” Role of Certification as ‘Cue’ to Competence in Selection of Professional Services” and “Consumer Perception of ‘All Natural’ and GMOs”
  • Professor of Marketing

Survey research in areas of consumer behavior

Specific areas include:
advertising (including deceptive advertising), packaging, trademark, and trade dress. Have served as an expert in a wide range of subject matter areas on behalf of plaintiff and defendant clients.

Author of Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Guidelines of Consumer Research in Litigation” and “Guidelines for Internet Surveys
  • Comparing Mall Intercept and Internet Panels for Advertising Research
  • Role of Certification as a ‘Cue’ to Competence in Selection of Professional Services
  • Consumer Perception of ‘All Natural’ and GMOs